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Solutions Overview

Oalva offers an integrated portfolio of services combining our experience, knowledge and unmatched capabilities across key industry verticals focused in Business Intelligence, Data Ingest/Mediation, Data Management and Process Engineering.

We are experts in Telco, Insurance, Agricultural and Oil/Gas data.  We are adding two new verticals soon (check back in a bit).

Got sensor data you want to capture, mediate and mine?

Simply put, Oalva exists to increase capabilities, reduce cost and identify fraud (using data).  We exist solely for that purpose.

Some of the things we do, from the Fortune-100 to the Fortune-1000:

  • Perform data inventory and analytics capability assessment.  Build strategic corporate data roadmap.
  • Build large hundred+ node data lakes to take in machine and human generated data.
  • Reduce number of data warehouses from a large number to a smaller number (e.g. 22 to 4).
  • Report rationalization (e.g. reduce from 10,000 to 3,000 and then added in additional 500 to give insights not seen before).

Totally separately, we have also built intelligence to analyze existing applications and determine everything that you need to do to pick-up and move an application (or many applications) from it's server (or hundreds of servers) to a virtual environment.   Call us if you need help with that move.

Solutions driven by our strong team of functional experts